Clear Veggies Soup (Spinach & Sweet Corn Soup)

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Let's cook Clear Veggies Soup!(Indonesian style

Sayur Bening/ Clear Soup

Indonesian name for this dish is Sayur Bening.  Sayur means vegetable and bening means clear.  The main ingredients are spinach and corn. Sometimes people add sliced tomato after finish cooking the soup.  It's just a simple earthy clear soup. 

2 bunches of spinach leaves, chopped
2 pieces of sweet corn, cut into medium size
5 red onions (5 pcs if you use small Asian red onion, you can replace it with 1 - 1.5 shallot or a quarter of big red onion)
2 bay leaves
2 knuckles fingerroots rhizome (Temu Kunci), clean, and bruise
Salt and sugar to taste 1,500 ml of water

How to :
1. Bring the water to a boil, add the sliced ​​shallots, temu Kunci, bay leaves, and sweet corn.
2. Give seasoning salt and sugar, and give a taste correction, cook until the corn cooked.

3. Finally, add the spinach. Stir the food until cooked, don't take too long. Approximately five minutes is enough. Serve clear spinach & corn soup.

Temu Kunci - fingerroots rhizome is availabe on our frozen section. 

You can check Indonesian language recipe on our IG reels

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